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Waxhaw Corporate Housing Services



Luvanex Corporate Housing is a subsidiary of Luvanex Realty Group that was created by popular demand.

As we acquired and managed an increasing number of single family homes in metro-Atlanta & Charlotte, we began to get an increasing number of requests from Investor Clients who did not care for the traditional real estate investment formula - a fixed term lease for 12-24 months did not just quite fit into their investment goals so we created a customized corporate housing program for them. Under Luvanex Corporate, they acquired properties in prime areas of the cities and catered so we could cater to a very specific population – business professionals. As time passed, we opened up the properties to families, couples and solo travelers.


We’ve helped multiple investors maximize the returns on their properties and we are confident we can help you too. With a combined experience of over 3 decades, our management team is well equipped to market your investment property most effectively and handle all resident inquiries. All you’ll need to do is sign up and receive your earnings on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

  • Specialized Knowledge of the City
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Hassle Free Management Services
  • Monthly & Quarterly Inspections
  • Cleaning Coordination
  • Marketing on multiple platforms
  • Bookings & Inquiries
  • Maintenance Coordination & Oversight
  • Vendor Management
  • Monthly Reporting


We charge an on-boarding fee of $99 to set up your property for management. The on-boarding covers our initial cost to set up your property in our system and initiate or transition management companies. We do offer a free, no obligation consultation over the phone or in office; however, the $99 fee is incurred when we send staff to the property to prepare it for management with Luvanex.

The on-boarding fee covers

  • the cost for a staff member to come out to your home, consult with you and take pictures
  • A price analysis for your property; daily, weekly and monthly pricing
  • Property Set Up & Initial Inspection
  • Set up for banking & tax information for property owner
  • Lock-Box Installation


Luvanex also offers Investors specific add-on services as an option:

  • Eviction Filing & Representation when needed: visit luvanexeviction.com for more details
  • Home Renovation Services: for out of state landlords who need us to oversee the renovation of an investment property when a tenant moves out. Visit us at luvanexhomerepair.com
  • Leasing Services & Standard Property Management: for investors who prefer to run fixed term rentals with tenants who sign 12, 18 or 24 month leases, please sign up at luvanex.com
  • Real Estate Sales & Acquisition: the loyalty and service of our licensed Realtors in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia

If you are ready to sign up for our services or have some questions we haven’t answered here, please click on the Landlord tab to fill out the form below. A company representative will contact you within 24hours.